Remote Mouse

Keyboard, Mouse and Touchpad

Control made simple. It's a perfect combination of 3 most common remote control devices. With smarter multi-touch gestures, all you need is to click and slide.

Remote Mouse

Specialty Control Panels

Watching videos in bed? Filling house with music? Or making a self-running presentation? Remote Mouse allows you to control your computer freely at anywhere and at any time.

Cross-device Copy and Paste

Seamlessly copy and paste between your computer and mobile device. Sync clipboard content across Android, iPhone, Mac, Windows and Linux.

Power Options

Shut down, restart, log off or put computer to sleep in one click.

Application Remote

Quickly launch and switch between applications. A convenient show desktop button is also provided.

Gyroscope Mouse

Control the mouse cursor by tilting and moving your phone in the air - a beautiful use of the gyroscope and accelerometer feature on mobile device.

Voice Typing

Integrated with iOS and Android's speech recognition. Simply type on a computer by clicking the voice button and speaking to your phone.

Volume Button Remote

Use the physical volume buttons on mobile device to adjust computer volume or change presentation slides.

Customizable Interface

Customize your app experience, personalize to optimize your workflow.

People    Remote Mouse

  • I use my computer as my tv most of the time so it's hooked up via hdmi under my tv and now I can sit on the couch and control my computer. I paid for the app because it said that I would get more options but I'm not sure what more it does. I don't care all that much though because it's a great app!!!

    Remote Mouse
  • Can't wait to see what the update will hold. Does exactly what it says. Wireless keyboard and mouse for your computer off your phone. Worth the money to me. Girlfriend thinks otherwise. Lol

    Remote Mouse
    Randy Labelle
  • 以前はGoogleドキュメントで音声入力して作成したものをworldに貼り付けていましたが、このアプリは直接音声入力できます。変換精度も高く重宝しています。

    Remote Mouse
  • What an absolute gem! Now I have a remote whilst watching films on my laptop via HD cable linked to large tv, very lazy I know but hey we all should take the opportunity. Great for presentational purposes or even playing poltergeist tricks on the family tee hee! Love it, buy it and enjoy!

    Remote Mouse
    Miss Ess
  • Very simple to set up, works brilliant and comes in very handy for when laptop is plugged into tv.

    Remote Mouse
  • This app is amazing! It is so easy to set up and with a couple of hours practice getting used to it, u can use it faster than a mouse and keyboard. It's great if u are using a television screen as a monitor so u can sit back on ur bed or sofa and just comfortably chill! Really good app, totally worth buying! Also if u can't find ur wireless keyboard or mouse, u can just whack ur phone or iPod out and it saves a lot of time

    Remote Mouse
    Josh Smith

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